5 Myths About Landscaping

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  1.  You cannot plant trees or shrubs in the winter months.

    Think again.  As the temperature cool, and leaves begin to fall, tree planting season is just getting started.  Believe it or not, a large majority of trees are actually best planted during the winter months.  Maples, dogwoods and evergreen hollies are just a few examples of the many trees that can be installed in the winter.  During this period, the plants remain dormant thereby reducing the risk of transplant shock associated with moving plants in warmer months.
    Along with tree plantings, most shrubs, patios, walkways, and water features can all be successfully installed during the winter months.  So don’t let the upcoming cold weather get you down… there is lots to be done outside!  Call today for more information.

  2. Bulbs only bloom in the spring.

    False!  After the profusion of color in the warm days of the summer, fall blooming bulbs provide a more delicate, almost ethereal, palette to a landscape.  Planted in the fall with their spring blooming cousins, these bulbs – often varieties of colchicum, crocus, lycoris, and sternbergia – bloom from the following fall during the months of August, September and October.  Some of them are even deer resistant and provide a faint fragrance.  Are there fall blooming bulbs in your future?


  3. When it gets extremely hot, if your fescue lawn turns brown, the grass is dead.

    Wrong again, my pretty.  Like the trees and shrubs (mentioned above) that go dormant during the cold weather months, in extremely hot temperatures, your fescue lawn may also go dormant.  Cooler temperatures and adequate moisture should bring your lawn back to life.  Regular lawn maintenance is the key to survival of your lawn.  Do not forget to schedule aeration and overseeding of your lawn each fall; also remember to keep the mowing height of your mower at its highest setting during the summer mowing season.  We have a wonderful staff of turf specialists.  Do not hesitate to contact us for all of your turf needs.

  4. The increasingly prevalent stink bug is a threat to all outdoor plantings.

    Thankfully, this is false.  Stink bugs are everywhere: in your yard, your house, your car – and they are a real nuisance.  From our perspective, however, the good news is that stink bugs are not terribly interested in landscape plants.  They seem to prefer fruit trees, particularly peaches and apples, and are apparently developing a real taste for vegetables as well.  Unfortunately, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage for farmers and orchard owners.  We know about deer resistant plants, and believe it or not, we can steer you towards stink bug resistant plants too.
    Stink Bug Fruit Tree

  5. All landscape companies are the same.

    Wrong!  There are many things that distinguish landscape companies, and you should be aware of some of the important distinctions.  Such as:
    a.  How long has the company been in business?
    We’ve been in business for 32 years.  We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to handle any landscape project.
    b.  Reputation.
    We pride ourselves on having a reputation for integrity, professionalism, high quality work, and superior customer service.  This reputation explains our large number of repeat customers and numerous referrals.
    c.  What are the qualifications of the employees?
    Our employees make a huge difference in our ability to provide quality service to our customers.  We have certified horticulturists, certified arborists and pesticide technicians on our staff.
    d.  Does the landscape company have a Virginia Class A Contractor’s License?
    We have the highest level license in Virginia – a Class A Contractor’s License.  It requires an extensive application process, a financial review, and at least five years experience.
    e.  What is the company’s attitude regarding replacement plants?
    At JWT, we consider it advertising to replace plants!  Our philosophy from day one has been to replace plants (almost) regardless of the warranty period – except in cases of complete negligence on the owner’s part.  It is a good policy that our customers appreciate – which is why we feel it is worthwhile.

When you’re ready to hire a Charlottesville-based Landscape Company for your next project, think of JW Townsend Landscapes.  We have all the important credentials that differentiate us from the competition and you will not be disappointed.

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