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Hotpots Container Gardening

Our hotpots division is comprised of expert container gardeners who put beauty and love into a planted container and deliver it right to your door or event.  Containers can be seasonally planted with annuals or perennials, small shrubs and dwarf trees and then augmented with seasonal annuls. Containers can be large with specimen plants or small with mixed plantings....


Holiday Containers

Author Avery Ellis Hotpots Head Gardner   For many Virginia gardeners, the start of December brings a chance to breathe. The frosty mornings and early dark of winter signal a slowing of the pace, a moment to step back and rest after an autumn of hard work. But really, it’s not time to breathe yet! For Hotpots, the start of December is the start of...


Sow Seeds This Fall

Most of us do not think of planting seeds or plants in the fall as the traditional garden season is almost over, and the dreary prospect of a winter without fresh produce looms.  With care, however, there are many vegetable groups that can be encouraged to "over-winter" in your garden. Most greens will grow if planted in the fall and will provide delicious salads for...


Containerized Color

It's almost spring again and after a long, cold winter, many people are craving some color for their gardens.  The best and quickest way to 'scratch that itch' is with container gardens.  Containers can add color, a focal point and interest in areas that generally offer challenges for the gardener.  They can be seasonally planted with annuals or planted with...


Mini Gardening – Fun is NOT Optional

  If you have a passion about plants, as many of us do, making a garden with miniature plants is different and challenging.  Call it a 'fairy garden' or 'miniature gardening,' regardless of the name its FUN! Real life gardens have a set shape and pattern - sidewalks, paths, walls, houses, etc. are what we fashion our gardens around.  Mini-gardens are...


Discover hotpots

We created hotpots, our container garden and rentals division, with a mission to create elegant container gardens customized to your life.  First, we custom pick the plants for your container based on bloom times, color preference, texture and other characteristics.  Next, we help you choose the perfect container from our vast assortment of sizes, colors and...

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