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Virginia Ephemerals – Spice up the Spring Garden

Do you occasionally get tired of the too well organized garden scene? Have you dabbled in the spontaneity of ephemeral-like plants such as daffodils and crocus? These plants will bring a boost of color to your garden and your mood after a long winter nap… Ephemeral plants pop up early in the Spring - grow, flower, set seed, and start to curl back into the...


JWT Wins 2015 Mighty Oak Award

Leigh Townsend Recognized for Business Turnaround Leigh Townsend and his firm J.W. Townsend Landscapes were awarded the Mighty Oak two years in a row.  Last year it was for leading a small turnaround with profound results.  After a small setback, Leigh and his company lifted the performance of every division including their three new innovative divisions, beyond...


A Cure For Winter Blues

Pictured above is an Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku' from our nursery at JW Townsend. Who’s ready for winter to be over?  Not too many people are thinking about gardening when there’s a winter wonderland outside, but as long as the ground is not too frozen solid, this is a great time of year for planting deciduous trees.  Everyone knows the bulbs and shrubs like...


JWT Culture

Once a month at JWT, we all get together for a company breakfast to celebrate our people and communicate happenings in the business.  I usually post a picture on Facebook and write a quick one-liner but I thought I would change it up and write more about this on our blog.  I think it is important for people to understand our culture here at JWT. Led by our General...

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