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Holiday Containers

Author Avery Ellis Hotpots Head Gardner   For many Virginia gardeners, the start of December brings a chance to breathe. The frosty mornings and early dark of winter signal a slowing of the pace, a moment to step back and rest after an autumn of hard work. But really, it’s not time to breathe yet! For Hotpots, the start of December is the start of...


Virginia Ephemerals – Spice up the Spring Garden

Do you occasionally get tired of the too well organized garden scene? Have you dabbled in the spontaneity of ephemeral-like plants such as daffodils and crocus? These plants will bring a boost of color to your garden and your mood after a long winter nap… Ephemeral plants pop up early in the Spring - grow, flower, set seed, and start to curl back into the...


Brief Water How-to

Please enjoy this abbreviated video by Steve which gives a few quick tips on how to water a veggie garden.  This video was produced for a client and is not intended to convey all of the nuances and methods of watering....


Designs on Winter

Designs on Winter - Landscaping in the "Off" Season Even though winter is the part of the year when we spend most of our time indoors, gardens are still part of our life.  Winter is a time for contemplation about last season's beauty and planning for the seasons to come.  Consequently, our Central Virginia gardens are often best designed when they are at their most...


Japanese Beetle Deterrents

Introduction The Japanese Beetle, Popillia Japonica, is a voracious garden pest with the potential to cause extensive damage to landscapes.  Common throughout most of the Eastern United States, it can damage turf grasses, shrubs and trees.  Fortunately, there are environmental and man-made deterrents and controls at our disposal. Background and Information Location:...

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