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BULBS – Fall is the Time to Think of Spring

While the summer days were hot and humid, you did not mind viewing the fruit of your gardening labors from inside (with the air conditioner running).  Now the days are starting to cool off; mornings and evenings are pleasant again. Just when you need an excuse to go out and play in your garden - it’s Fall Bulb Planting Time! Bulbs planted in fall can make your...


Spring Trees: The Clock is Ticking

While the weather is warming and the excitement is building for another beautiful Spring, the digging window for Spring trees is also drawing to a close.  Field grown trees, otherwise referred to as B&B, need to be dug from the grower’s fields prior to the emergence of leaves.  We anticipate this leafing out occurring within the next two weeks for southern growers...


To water… or not to water

Perhaps the most critical element contributing to plant growth is water.  A gardener's quest to find the equilibrium between too much and too little water can be never-ending.  Variance in water needs from plant to plant, soil to soil, and season to season can make for a real challenge in getting it just right.  Keeping in mind three simple rules can help even the...


Goin’ Native

Pictured is Hamamelis virginiana / common witchhazel (in bloom) Incorporating these highly adaptable plants into any landscape Native plants are typically thought of as plants that occupied a specific region or habitat type, before European settlement.  They have adapted to the region over time and are more likely to form self-sustaining communities than their...


Mini Gardening – Fun is NOT Optional

  If you have a passion about plants, as many of us do, making a garden with miniature plants is different and challenging.  Call it a 'fairy garden' or 'miniature gardening,' regardless of the name its FUN! Real life gardens have a set shape and pattern - sidewalks, paths, walls, houses, etc. are what we fashion our gardens around.  Mini-gardens are...


Honoring Hydrangeas

A favorite for generations, hydrangeas are an important group of hardy and tender shrubs (and several woody climbers).  Native to both Japan and Korea, hydrangeas have been naturalized in compatible climates around the world.  Our Virginia gardens just wouldn't feel complete without them. Hydrangeas are widely acclaimed for their large, showy blossoms that lend...

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