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Whether you are looking to plant a small perennial garden or a mile-long driveway with large trees, we have the expertise and experience to do it and to do it right.

Your project will have our full attention from start to finish.

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What is the proper method to prepare a barren lawn for sod installation?

Your main goal is to provide a good environment for developing deep rooted grass plants.  The faster and deeper the roots can grow, the better your chance of success with the sod.  Roots grow best into a loose, organic soil that is evenly moist yet not sopping wet.  You will need to loosen the soil as deeply as possible, add organic matter such as compost, possibly add amendments such as lime or fertilizer (depending upon a soil test), then smooth the soil and rake the surface to a fine texture.

When should I start my gardening such as planting shrubs and annuals?

The average last frost date is mid-April thus making the last week in April the ideal time to begin planting shrubs and annuals.

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Bed Preparation

Enough cannot be said about site preparation prior to planting; we take this part of the process quite seriously. How well the plants perform can relate directly to how well the site has been prepared. The level of preparation will obviously depend on the specific site and the plant material involved, but, with respect to the ultimate success of the project, it is one of the most significant phase of the job.

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Plant Material

Our main priority is to ensure all plant material we receive meets our exceptionally high standards. We deal with only the finest growers who use the best growing and packaging methods. A majority of the trees we purchase have been hand selected and physically tagged by a member of our staff while they are still growing in the grower’s field.


Drainage Installation

Creating proper yard drainage is one of the most important components of any landscaping installation project. Drainage system installation will prevent water damage and control erosion. A properly designed and installed drainage system will collect water from downspouts and gutters and pull it away from your house. Drainage systems can also collect excess ground water that sits and causes soggy yards or that runs off causing erosion.

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If the 'present market value' exceeds the 'cost to transplant' then transplanting may make economic sense. We can provide the valuations and costs necessary to make this decision. For example, we have moved more than 500 large American Boxwoods ranging in size from 8-14' with an amazing success rate. This process takes time and is expensive, but is well worth the time and expense for plants that are truly "priceless".

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Applying a fresh layer of mulch to your planting beds will give you the most visible improvement for your dollar. We use a high quality, double-shredded hardwood mulch that has been aged to give it its dark brown color. Mulching helps to insulate the soil from extreme temperatures, maintain soil moisture, suppress weed growth and ultimately add organic matter over time. Should we mention it looks great?!

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A written list of instructions, specific to your plants and your project with detailed watering guidelines and other items for your attention, will be given to you before we leave the site. Periodically, during the first year that your plants are in the ground, someone from our staff is likely to stop by just to take a look at how things are going. Our staff and expertise will still be available to answer any questions you may have.


Guaranteed for Life!

“Guaranteed for Life” (GFL) is a maintenance program that provides a guarantee for gardens and/or plants that our company has installed, for as long as we maintain the gardens.

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