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Container gardening offers the world of gardening in a pot. We design custom-made container gardens to meet our clients’ preferences such as color, texture, or seasonality of plants. The love of container gardening is picking up new fans every season. Let us do all the work while you get all of the glory.

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How much soil do I need to fill a pot for a garden container project?

The most economical way is to purchase the largest bag of potting soil you can.  The amount of potting soil will be listed on the bag.  Usually it’s one cubic foot or two cubic foot bag.  1 Cubic Foot = 25.7 Dry Quarts.  You’ll need to measure the depth of your containers as well as the width to figure out the volume of potting soil you need, but here are some general calculations for standard sized nursery pots.

For a 4 Inch Pot, you’ll need 3 Cups of potting soil; 6 Inch Pot, 1.5 Dry Quarts; 8 Inch Pot, 3 Dry Quarts; 10 Inch Pot, 6 Dry Quarts; 12 Inch Pot, 8 Dry Quarts; 14 Inch Pot, 12 Dry Quarts; 16 Inch Pot, 13 Dry Quarts; 20 Inch pot, 15 Dry quarts.

I live in an apartment with afternoon sun – what plants should I choose for container gardens?

Afternoon sun tends to be hot so you would look for plants that can withstand both heat and full sun.  If you are using a large outdoor container, you might consider red salvia, blue salvia “Victoria”, zinnias from the Pinwheel series, “Wave” petunias, or marigolds. You can mix and match.  If you want a low maintenance indoor plant in a container, you might try a schefflera, a dracaena, a philodendron, a spider plant or an asparagus fern.

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Our custom designed container gardens are a great way to incorporate greenery and beauty into all areas of your life. Client preferences such as color, texture or seasonality of plants, are taken into consideration along with site requirements when developing a planting plan for your home.

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Seasonal Installation

The installation of top quality plants is a must for a successful container. Along with great plants, our hotpots team knows the tricks of the trade to deliver a great container garden every time. We have an enormous selection of seasonally appropriate plants and a wide variety of containers in different colors, shapes, materials, and sizes.



Maintenance is a must! Pots are not a natural living environment and requires attention throughout the year to live and thrive. Our team is trained and experienced with the nuances of container gardening. Our maintenance program includes watering, pest management, fertilization, and much more.

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Container gardening provides an economical solution to beautify your store front, office, or restaurant, or create a green space where none previously existed. A smart, cost-effective way to liven your commercial spaces for visitors, guests and tenants.

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