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Our talented and knowledgeable gardeners have over 320 years of collective professional gardening and landscaping experience. We focus on providing dependable, conscientious, and professional garden care with an emphasis on tending to our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

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Why should I have my roses pruned?

Pruning roses redirects growth in the plant.  When parts of a plant are pruned off it uses its energies to produce new stems and leaves.  Our staff specializes in complete rose care, from pruning to disease diagnosis and treatment.

Can you suggest names of flowers that will grow nicely with little care and should I start from seed or young plants? 

Many of the old fashioned annuals grow well long into fall and can be started from seed (or occasionally from transplants).  For a sunny spot you might try salvia “Victoria” for a lovely blue, sweet alyssum, tall and feathery cosmos, big and little marigolds, bright zinnias, morning glories, the exotic moonflower vine, and gloriosa daisies.  For a shady spot you might try impatiens, hippoestes (polka dot plant), coleus, fibrous begonias — all as plants, caladium and taro as bulbs.


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Fine Garden Care

Our experienced fine gardening division provides services including detailed bed care, deadheading and staking of perennials, training and attachment of espaliers and vines, expert care of roses, specialty pruning of ornamentals and topiaries, fertilizing and pinching-back of annual flowers and container plantings and hand-watering.

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Pest & Disease Management

JWT has 40 VA Certified Pest Technicians who are trained to recognize beneficial insects that will help naturally suppress pest populations, and release beneficials to augment existing populations. We use an integrated approach to managing pests and diseases beginning with maintaining plant health. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels.


Rose Care and Specialty Pruning

JWT has been pruning trees and shrubs over 37 years. Our pruning and training services include specialty pruning/training and shrub pruning. Pruning services require the proper training, tools and "eye" for what needs to be done. There is a reason our staff is known as the experts!

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Bed & Soil Management

Healthy soils create healthy plants. By use of specialty tools, specialty materials and years of experience, we've learned to better manage plant health by proper soil and mulch management. Happy roots make happy shoots!

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Seasonal / Holiday Lighting

We have more than ten years of experience bringing the lights and colors of the season to the homes and landscapes in and around Albemarle County. We can do a few shrubs, an entrance way, or an entire yard or property. We will provide a holiday lighting design and purchase lights for you or happily use your lights and ideas.

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Special Projects

Our Special Projects staff manages a wide range of projects including snow removal, irrigation services, pond services, enhancements and lighting. We can help you turn a good landscape into a great one. When your property is in immaculate condition, we can prepare you to take over ongoing maintenance yourself or we can continue regular horticultural services.


Guaranteed for Life!

“Guaranteed for Life” (GFL) is a maintenance program that provides a guarantee for gardens and/or plants that our company has installed, for as long as we maintain the gardens.

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