Turf Management

Often overlooked are the overall positive environmental benefits and aesthetic qualities that healthy turf brings to the landscape. We have the expertise and experience to enhance your overall landscape value through well managed turfgrass.

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Why does my grass look so bad?

There can be one or more reasons that are easily remedied.  For example,
-Too much water or too little water
-Compacted soil
-The absence of proper nutrients
-Incorrect soil PH
-Site incompatible to grow healthy turf

How short can I cut my grass?

All turfgrasses have a specific and genetically determined height that enables them to perform well, i.e. look attractive.  We recommended cutting heights as follows:
-Tall fescue  3.5″
-Fine fescue  3.5″
-Zoysia 1.75″
-Bermuda 1.75″

Is fertilizing my lawn harmful to the environment or my pets?

No.  The exact opposite is the truth.  Scientific data from Virginia Tech and NC State studies show that a lush, green lawn actually prevents soil erosion which is what releases the phosphorus into the waterways.

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Turf Care

We offer the complete spectrum of mowing services focusing on the details of job quality and customer service. In addition, we offer farm management and bush-hogging services.

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Disease Prevention & Mangement

Maintaining a healthy, vigorously growing lawn is the best way to prevent a severe disease outbreak in turfgrass. Each square foot of turf contains hundreds of individual plants, each requiring optimum amounts of water and fertilizer, the right mowing regime, and an aerated, well-drained soil. If any of these factors are missing or in excess, the grass may become stressed and more susceptible to disease.


Aeration & Overseeding

By the end of summer, after the heat and drought, we recommend that you reinvigorate your lawn by aerating, overseeding and fertilizing, as a very necessary, beneficial treatment. Dollar for dollar, aerating and overseeding is one of the most cost-effective treatments for your lawn.

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Weed Control & Nutrient Management

When developing a weed management plan for an existing planting or after an installation is in place, consider the types of landscape plants present and the weeds present and their life cycles. Weed control options include hand-weeding, mulching, and chemical control.

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Fall Leaf Removal

Our leaf removal equipment allows us to collect and remove leaves from the beds and turf areas of your property efficiently and effectively. Some areas require hand raking and others require backpack blowers or truck vacuums.

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New Lawn Installation

When installing a new lawn, soil quality and proper grading are equally important. During the installation process of your new lawn is the time to take care of many such problems and shortcomings. It is much more cost effective to address these types of problems in the very beginning rather than to try and remedy them later.

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