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In July of 2012 I was surprised to receive a phone call from Anne Marie Chaker. Anne is a writer who was at that time working on an article about meadows as an alternative to lawns, slated for publication in the Wall Street Journal.  I was more than happy to assist.  After looking through our log of past jobs, I determined that the meadow located at the Holmes residence was a perfect candidate for this article.  Their home is surrounded by meadow, with very little lawn, literally bringing nature to the foundation of their residence.  I had also taken couple of nice before and after photos, which I felt could paint an accurate portrayal of the type of meadow we are able to create.  It is an interesting article which highlights many key points in the meadow movement.  In the days after the article was published, we received a number of calls and emails on the subject from all over the country.  It appears the meadow movement is gaining momentum far and wide!


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