Turf’s Up!

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Often overlooked are the overall positive environmental benefits and aesthetic qualities that healthy turf brings to the landscape.  We have the expertise and experience to enhance your overall landscape value through well managed turfgrass.

Professional turf care pays off not only in the pride of having a perfect lawn but the money saved by not having to make costly replacement or repairs.  Over the years we have seen the damage caused by careless mowing and string trimming practices.  A responsible, knowledgeable approach to turf management can save money by cutting out the guesswork.  A properly maintained lawn also requires less watering; a viable concern in today’s climate.  

Our most frequently asked question (FAQ) regarding turf: IS FERTILIZING MY LAWN HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT OR MY PETS?

Answer:  No.  The exact opposite is the truth.  Scientific data from Virginia Tech and NC State studies show that a lush, green lawn actually prevents soil erosion which is what releases the phosphorus into the waterways.

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