Containerized Color

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It’s almost spring again and after a long, cold winter, many people are craving some color for their gardens.  The best and quickest way to ‘scratch that itch’ is with container gardens.  Containers can add color, a focal point and interest in areas that generally offer challenges for the gardener.  They can be seasonally planted with annuals or planted with perennials, small shrubs and dwarf trees and then augmented with seasonal annuals.

Containers can be large with specimen plants or small with mixed plantings.  They can stand alone or be grouped together for effect.  There are different materials for containers and different styles from formal pedestal urns to informal terra cotta pots.  Be sure when purchasing your pots that they are safe to leave outdoors year round.  Some pots can crack when exposed to below-freezing temperatures.  Our staff can help you choose the material and style that best fit your garden area.

Containers are best planted ‘full’.  This fullness gives the best overall appearance, prevents the ‘filling in’ process and helps hide weak plants or holes from plants that may not survive.  They do require maintenance in the form of regular watering and fertilization because they are essentially dependent upon outside sources for their needs.  In hot weather they may require watering three or more times a week to maintain their health and vigor.

Plant choices for container gardens can complement your home in many ways.  They can soften hard corners, hide power access panels and even accentuate the colors on your home whether it is brick, wood siding or some other building material.   The many different textures of foliage and flowers can also add interest to your garden beyond that of the hardier landscape plants.  Beautiful potted palms and bananas add a festive tropical look around swimming pools and are very graceful in the breeze.  A single potted Japanese maple in an elegant glazed pot can add serenity to a special corner of your garden.

All in all, container gardens offer a chance to add new aspects to any existing landscape from patios to pools to parking courts.  The main thing to remember is have fun with your plantings.  As your JWT container garden professional, Luke Puglia can share his advice on his next visit.  Let’s add some elegance, comfort or even whimsy to your landscape this season!

North Fork Hotpots North Fork Hotpots 3 North Fork Hotpots 2

Pictured are hotpots that were planted at a commercial site today, March 13, 2015.

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