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Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips, Allium, Hyacinths! Now is the time to have a spring full of surprises!  Over the years, few garden elements give me as much reward and satisfaction as spring bulbs.  And in my opinion no garden is complete without some bulb component big or small.  Any and all are great but below are a few of my favorites to consider.

Narcissus or daffodils are great deer resistant bulbs which return reliably year after year.  Most Daffodils are white, yellow and orange with a few outlying variations.  In my opinion these are the truest sign of spring.

Tulips:  Who doesn’t love tulips…including deer.  If you have a protected location, Tulips are a great splash of color and make great cut flowers.  Plenty of colors to choose from.

Crocus: Crocus is a wonderful early spring bulb.  They’re small so massing them together will give you the best show. Plant C. tommasinianus for better squirrel resistance.

Allium or ornamental onions can provide small to very large blooms mid to late spring.  These are beautiful additions to nearly all perennial borders.

Call JWT for help in finding the best location in your garden for great spring color with BULBS!


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