JWT Receives NALP 2015 Recognition Award

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J.W. Townsend is awarded a 2015 Residential Landscape Management recognition award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals resulting from a October 2015 nomination.  The award recognizes JWT for excellence in landscaping for the Keswick Lake Home project.

We were able to successfully address challenges on the site throughout the design and installation process and we continue to maintain The Keswick Lake Home property.

The homeowner relocated to Virginia from Ohio so we designed the landscape in a manner which allowed him to feel a sense of familiarity with his Ohio property and enjoy the diversity of plant materials offered by Virginia’s native landscape and soil.  During installation we performed extensive drainage amendments throughout the property.  We implemented plants with careful consideration and thoughtful grading allowing water to drain away from the house.  Extensive bed preparation was required, including the installation of screened topsoil.  We were not allowed to have turf irrigation due to the HOA; instead we developed the soil year after year with aeration and overseeding and composting the sites.  We mowed at longer lengths to develop deeper root systems and respected existing trees by carefully elevating branches to create a lake view for the owner.  In addition, we focused on installing deer resistant plants and addressed the geese problem by using applications of goose repellent annually to keep the birds off of the turf.

Please use this link to view additional photos of the property:  https://www.landscapeprofessionals.org/nalp/membership/awards-of-excellence-recipients.aspx


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