Off-Season Turf Planning

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Believe it or not, the off-season is the best time to start constructing your turf program for 2016.  It literally begins from the ground up.

The surest way to improve or maintain existing high quality turf grass begins with the soil.  Simple as it may sound, it can be the most overlooked, yet critical, part in any successful turf program.  Ultimately, your lawn care calendar is dictated by turf type, i.e. cool-season grass (Fescue), warm season grass (zoysia, Bermuda), etc.  Plus, if you know your soil type and pH, then your fertilization schedule, weed control program, and other cultural practices will have a specific schedule.

In fact, the cool-season turf schedule is right now, and who better to help than the tuf pros at JWT?  The first thing we’ll do is a soil analysis, giving us the ability to make any necessary pH adjustments.  Second, we’ll evaluate any weak areas from prior years and determine the probable cause(s).  Finally, we’ll ascertain the steps necessary to correct any issues.

For example, hidden complications may be masking or exacerbating a pH problem.  Shade or nutrient competition may necessitate changing the location of a bed line.  Drought conditions may require exploring the pros and cons of an irrigation system.  Overwatering of the landscape can actually create bigger problems than not enough water.

Almost every lawn we encounter could benefit from periodic lawn renovation, from crabgrass and weed control to the regular/annual fall aeration and overseeding program.  The primary turf management techniques at JWT will not only increase the overall health and density of your lawn, but also its resistance to drought and disease stress.  Just as important, it will look great!


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