Spring Trees: The Clock is Ticking

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While the weather is warming and the excitement is building for another beautiful Spring, the digging window for Spring trees is also drawing to a close.  Field grown trees, otherwise referred to as B&B, need to be dug from the grower’s fields prior to the emergence of leaves.  We anticipate this leafing out occurring within the next two weeks for southern growers and then closely followed by northern growers a week or two later.  If you have Spring tree orders that you’d like to place and have installed this season, time is of the essence. If you would like more information about digging windows and field grown trees, please contact us at (434) 973-1154.

Keep in mind, most deciduous trees can be dug anytime the trees aren’t in leaf, meaning early Spring or again in Late Fall.  However, some trees such as Cherries, River Birches and Oaks to name a few, should only be dug during this early Spring time-frame.  After the trees leaf out, our only options are container grown trees and re-wholesale outlets.

Let us know if we can help you with any tree installation this Spring.

See you in the garden.

Raemelton Platanus 4''

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