Be on the Lookout for Japanese Beetles

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This post is going to be short and sweet.  Just like a Japanese beetle.  Well, I’m not sure if they’re sweet.

Lincoln, our spray technician, has shared some #landscape #tips with us and I thought I would pass them on.
1. Now is the time to start watching out for building populations of Japanese beetles.  Emergence will have already started in the last few days, and they will continue to build in the coming weeks.
2. Leaf skeletonization is the main indicator of an active population.
3. Small populations of Japanese beetles can be knocked off into a container of soapy water, while large infestations will likely require treatment with an insecticide.
If you find populations of Japanese beetles, and you are unsure what to do, call us at 434-973-1154, and we will come to your rescue.
Thanks Lincoln! 

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