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This is the second installment of multiple reports from the week-long educational trip some of our team members took in the summer of 2022.

What is a Superbloom you ask?  Well, Nigel Dunnett did it. He is a professor, author, and landscape designer in England.  Well known for wild landscapes using a mix of seeds and potted plants then allowing nature to run its course.

For this project the mote at the Tower of London was converted into a spectacular wildflower meadow in honor of the Grand Jubilee.  Let’s begin with the Tower of London. 

Located in the center of London, home of the crown jewels and famous location of thousands of beheadings (think Anne Boleyn). The building is impressive enough, but the conversion of all the grass to wildflower meadow was breathtaking!

They installed the bulk of the meadow with seed, but there were areas that were planted with 1-gallon perennials to offer instant gratification.  Many of the beds were lined with woven willow branches which added an elegance to the edges.  Areas where the meadow had failed had been patched with meadow sown elsewhere and cut like sod and laid over the existing soil.  While this project would be impressive anywhere, the scale and setting put it over the top.

Not much more needs to be said, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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