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Our custom plant selection criteria gets it right the first time.

When possible, our plant buyer travels to the appropriate nurseries and hand-selects plants for each job.  This is especially important when it comes to trees, whose quality is quite variable.  The shape, structure, vigor and aesthetic of each tree must be carefully scrutinized before it is selected.  Once satisfied, we place a snap-lock (see photo) on a lower branch which has our company name and details on it.  This prevents the tree from being dug and mistakenly sold to another buyer.

Certain rules apply to the selection of trees and the individual habit and structure of each species must also be considered.  For example, in oaks (Quercus spp.) and tulip poplars (Lirodendron tulipifera), we look for trees with straight trunks, single leaders, and even branching.  Structure is critical during the selection process.

Improperly grown and improperly pruned trees often break apart at maturity due to branching issues that began early in the nursery.  The depth in which the tree is planted at the nursery will affect its performance for the rest of its life.  The root flare of a tree is the transitional zone between the main stem and the root system.  It can be located by following the trunk all the way down to the spot where the first roots extend out horizontally.  This part of the tree should be at ground level and exposed, never buried.  When planted too deeply, the tree is deprived of crucial oxygen and girdling roots often form around the truck, which will slowly strangle it over time.  We always scrape dirt away from the base and identify the root flare.  If it’s too deep, the tree is not selected.

Trees are generally part of a landscape’s long term vision.  All too often, weak trees improperly cared for when young, are installed and left to disappoint.  It is our job to ensure every effort is made to select healthy, structurally sound trees that are aesthetically pleasing offering decades of enjoyment.

Tree Tagging one half

Tree tagged by JWT

Noah Tagging

Noah Bloom, our plant buyer, in the hand-selection process.

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