Boxwood Blight

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There is a new boxwood issue on the horizon and will likely reach Central Virginia sometime in the future.  It is known as boxwood blight (not to be confused with boxwood decline), and is a known horticultural disease in Europe.

While it has arrived in the United States, we are not aware of its presence yet in Charlottesville or Albemarle County.  With sound management practices, and your help, we hope not to see it for years.  However, it is prudent to begin discussing now how to keep it out of your gardens and even prepare for its arrival, as we cannot control all of the variables related to its spread.  The good news is that it can be managed if and when it arrives.

If you are a client, you will be receiving a form letter about boxwood blight and strategic steps we are taking to prevent and manage this disease.

Our goal is to educate and inform you so that together we can understand the disease and protect your plants and gardens from boxwood blight for as long as possible.  Please click the link below to read more about boxwood blight.

Boxwood Blight Handouts

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