Boxwood Blight – A Public Service Announcement

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The Perfect Storm for Boxwood Blight


Temperatures are creating the perfect conditions for boxwood blight!  Find out what you can do to protect your landscape.

Perfect Conditions for Blight

Boxwood blight thrives during periods of high humidity and moisture. We are currently experiencing high humidity after a lot of rain; this has created the perfect breeding ground for this pathogen.



What We’ve Seen

We have personally observed the beginning phases of boxwood blight.  These symptoms present themselves in the form of:

1. Leaf defoliation

2. Leaf spotting

3. Blackened stems


What We’re Doing About Blight

1. We are actively monitoring current client properties for blight detection.

2. We are managing the disease by practicing preventative methods, including sanitizing tools and equipment before and after handling boxwoods.

3. We are only sourcing boxwoods from trusted growers in the Boxwood Blight Compliance Agreement.

4. We are educating our staff and clients on a continual

What You Can Do

Call us today to schedule a site visit to inspect your landscape for signs of blight.  The first site visit is free!

The good news is we are here to help.

Call us!  (434) 973-1154 






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