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JWT Supports Local Art Show

JWT  was delighted to donate an array of hotpots event containers for Member Art Show at Farmington Country Club February 21-22nd to add a little ambiance to their event.  There were four containers - two arborvitae and two lit spruce topiaries. Our professional hotpots events team prepares and transports the hotpots containers, completes the onsite setup and returns...

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Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day.   While its fun to have a pile of snow for the kids (and adults) to play in, we must take caution while outdoors, while traveling and look after our neighbors.  Try to help someone near you who needs it.   We may have more snow coming tomorrow; it would be prudent to have extra water, food, batteries and candles on hand in...

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JWT Gives Talk to PVCC Students

Matt Henry, Commercial Landscape Manager at JWT, takes time out of his busy day to share his industry knowledge with PVCC students taking a class on pruning.  Matt shells out tips about tools, safety, general practices and more.  Community involvement and education is an important part of our culture here at JWT. Matt is a Virginia Tech graduate with a B. S. degree...

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JWT Hosts Boxwood Blight Talk

As part of our ongoing "Firehouse Talks", JWT arranged a lunch presentation to discuss Boxwood blight which made its way to America about two and a half years ago.  Growing concern prompted the talk which brought more than 40 local Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers and JWT field employees together to learn more about how to identify and manage this disease.  If...

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Wildflower Meadow Pollinators

We continue to be astonished by the quantity of pollinators that seem to cover all of our perennial wildflower meadows.  As you walk through the flowers, they rise in mass, circling about in a frenzy, only to land on the next flower over.  There could easily be more pollinators per acre in one of these meadows than any other place in central Virginia.  This meadow was...

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Goldfinches in the Meadows

This morning as I entered a wildflower meadow, I was greeted by a large flock of Goldfinches.  I did not see them as I approached, for their camouflage blends perfectly with the masses of Black Eyed Susan’s and Coreopsis.  They rose in a single mass, hundreds of yellow and black birds, and began circling the meadow, only to roost in a different location.  While there...

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