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Native to Your Landscape

Using native plants in your landscape can be a great way to 'be green.'  Indigenous plants are adapted to the climate and precipitation of the region where they are found, so they are naturally hardy.  Native plants benefit from pollination and seed dispersal from local wildlife and provide food in return.  As our communities become more urban, it is especially...

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Spring Trees: The Clock is Ticking

While the weather is warming and the excitement is building for another beautiful Spring, the digging window for Spring trees is also drawing to a close.  Field grown trees, otherwise referred to as B&B, need to be dug from the grower’s fields prior to the emergence of leaves.  We anticipate this leafing out occurring within the next two weeks for southern growers...

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Recognizing Employee Contributions

We were highlighted in the February 2016 issue of Landscape Management magazine for uniquely recognizing employees who go above and beyond their job duties.  See the story below. http://landscapemanagement.net/case-study-using-an-employee-recognition-program-to-boost-morale/ ~~~~~~ Case Study: Using an employee recognition program to boost morale Recognizing...

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Off-Season Turf Planning

Believe it or not, the off-season is the best time to start constructing your turf program for 2016.  It literally begins from the ground up. The surest way to improve or maintain existing high quality turf grass begins with the soil.  Simple as it may sound, it can be the most overlooked, yet critical, part in any successful turf program.  Ultimately, your lawn...

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JWT Receives NALP 2015 Recognition Award

J.W. Townsend is awarded a 2015 Residential Landscape Management recognition award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals resulting from a October 2015 nomination.  The award recognizes JWT for excellence in landscaping for the Keswick Lake Home project. We were able to successfully address challenges on the site throughout the design and installation...

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JWT Wins 2015 Mighty Oak Award

Leigh Townsend Recognized for Business Turnaround Leigh Townsend and his firm J.W. Townsend Landscapes were awarded the Mighty Oak two years in a row.  Last year it was for leading a small turnaround with profound results.  After a small setback, Leigh and his company lifted the performance of every division including their three new innovative divisions, beyond...

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