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Containerized Color

It's almost spring again and after a long, cold winter, many people are craving some color for their gardens.  The best and quickest way to 'scratch that itch' is with container gardens.  Containers can add color, a focal point and interest in areas that generally offer challenges for the gardener.  They can be seasonally planted with annuals or planted with...

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A Cure For Winter Blues

Pictured above is an Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku' from our nursery at JW Townsend. Who’s ready for winter to be over?  Not too many people are thinking about gardening when there’s a winter wonderland outside, but as long as the ground is not too frozen solid, this is a great time of year for planting deciduous trees.  Everyone knows the bulbs and shrubs like...

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Designs on Winter

Designs on Winter - Landscaping in the "Off" Season Even though winter is the part of the year when we spend most of our time indoors, gardens are still part of our life.  Winter is a time for contemplation about last season's beauty and planning for the seasons to come.  Consequently, our Central Virginia gardens are often best designed when they are at their most...

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Landscape Plant Availability Update

Looking towards 2015 we are excited about the prospect of an economy on the mend.  We are hopeful that the next several years will bring many residential and commercial construction projects and the landscape installations that accompany them. Unfortunately, the nursery world – the backbone of our business – is one of the least nimble sectors of the construction...


Winter Gardening Wonderland

Winter Gardening Wonderland by Brandi McFadden What, you may ask, could there possibly be to do in the cold and generally freezing days of winter? Well, your gardener may answer, there are many, many, wonderful and essential winter tasks to complete before spring… Lets talk pruning. Pruning is a vital task for everything from tall trees to small...

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Pond Maintenance: 101

by: Brandi McFadden   Do you have a pond in the backyard with plants, goldfish, and maybe a koi or two? Would you rather tell the neighbors you have an enhanced water feature stocked with Shebunkin and Lionhead Goldfish, Tancho Sanke and Nishiki Koi, thriving in a natural setting with plants like Pickerel, Curly waterweed, and Water Hyacinth? This and...

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