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Video: Why We Love The Action Hoe

http://www.townsendlandscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Steve-Demonstrates-The-Action-Hoe.mov Please enjoy this brief introduction to the action...

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Brief Water How-to

Please enjoy this abbreviated video by Steve which gives a few quick tips on how to water a veggie garden.  This video was produced for a client and is not intended to convey all of the nuances and methods of watering....

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JWT Nominated for Department of Defense Top Employer Award

JWT was nominated for the 2015 Department of Defense's Top Employer Award by one of its employees who is currently serving in the Virginia Army National Guard.  The Secretary of Defense Employer support Freedom Award is the highest recognition given by the DoD to employers for their support of National Guard and Reserve members. We appreciate the nomination and the...

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Meet the Staff: Lynn Townsend Govoruhk

Pictured above is Lynn Meet Lynn Townsend Govoruhk What is your middle name?    Stewart Where are you from?  Charlottesville, VA How long have you worked for JWT?  4 years Do you have any pets?  If so, type and name?  Yes, one Beagle named Jack and three cats. Favorite book?  The Help Favorite Movie?  Gone With the Wind Place you've always...


Meet the Staff: Phil Ofrias

Pictured above is Phil Ofrias Meet Phil Ofrias Phil has just celebrated his 24th anniversary with J. W. Townsend Landscapes! What is your middle name?    James Where are you from?  North Fork of Long Island How long have you worked for JWT?  24 years Favorite book?  Executive Orders-Tom Clancy Favorite Movie?  Blazing Saddles Place you've...


To water… or not to water

Perhaps the most critical element contributing to plant growth is water.  A gardener's quest to find the equilibrium between too much and too little water can be never-ending.  Variance in water needs from plant to plant, soil to soil, and season to season can make for a real challenge in getting it just right.  Keeping in mind three simple rules can help even the...

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